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Technology Services

We provide a platform to all the Momentum Metropolitan businesses to augment resources or skills to meet their IT requirements, enabling delivery of cutting-edge solutions in record time.

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Software development is the crux of our existence as we focus on design, build and implementing software solutions for businesses

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Maintenance & Support

Software systems require continuous enhancements, maintenance and support activities which are executed by dedicated offshore teams through efficient agile processes

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Database Management

From legacy databases for enterprise systems to databases used for digital platforms, our DBAs have got it all covered

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Software Quality Assurance

We take software quality assurance very seriously as it is about engineering process with focus on automation using latest tools

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DevOps & DevSecOps

It is all about improving efficiency using best practices which enable the teams to accelerate delivery of software and systems

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Infrastructure Management

IMS teams are critical in keeping all systems & platforms running through server administration, monitoring & alerting, networks & security

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Data Science

Most sources suggest data science could be the hottest job of the 21st century as we continue to build this capability

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML are being rapidly adopted for a range of applications across the organization as most talked-about transformative technology

Services by Momentum Metropolitan Services

Business Operations

This platform enables procurement of business processing requirements to deliver on the company strategy of generating superior shareholder returns through innovative products, efficient distribution partnerships and excellent client experience.

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Account Payable

The emphasis is on complete payments and control expenses by receiving payments, plus processing, verifying and reconciling invoices in an efficient manner.

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Payment processing

We enable businesses with systems of computer processes that process, verify, and accept or decline digital transactions through secure Internet connections

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Actuarial Support

We support business to determine, assess, and plan for the financial impact of risk. Actuaries use mathematical and statistical models to evaluate risk in the insurance and finance industries

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Underwriting Support

Our services cover offline underwriting, small “t” and big “T” tele-underwriting for the prospective customers of insurance businesses

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Desk Research

A highly skilled team is tasked to collate, synthesize and summarise the data in the format required by businesses

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Human Capital System & Support

The offshore team supports part of Human Capital operations in accordance to the organizational policies and industry best practices


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